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While psychoanalysis has been attacked on many fronts (too long, too elitist, too expensive, too subjective) the essential discoveries of Sigmund Freud constitute the foundation of psychodynamic psychotherapy which has been proven to be remarkably effective in the treatment of a host of illnesses including anxiety, depression, child abuse.

People unfamiliar with this remarkable treatment and understandably wary of confronting their personal demons can easily convince themselves that real change is impossible and unhappiness must simply be endured. But this is not so and this web site is designed to show you a new way forward.

Child Abuse
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Pateint’s Comment To Dr. Van Der Heide

These individuals are uniformly enthusiastic about my work; often their best instincts feel at odds with what they believe is theoretically correct. I help them develop confidence in their judgment while helping them measure the impact of their interventions.

Supervisee’s Comment To Dr. Van Der Heide

Psychoanalysis is a living breathing process. The book learning needs wisdom to make it go and sometimes that wisdom can conflict with what is taught. I help new trainees trust their internal judgment while measuring the impact of new interventions.

Supervisee A.S.


“Dr Vdh works with a sharp mind, an open ear and, most importantly, a kind heart. He helps you unwind complex issues in a way that makes them feel like common sense. Warm, wise and deeply human.


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To begin treatment is not a simple matter but it takes a first step. I encourage you to call me so that we can meet and you can decide first-hand if our work is right for you. We can’t succeed without your participation so I need you to freely decide this is what you want.

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Insurance Questions?

I recognize treatment can be financially burdensome. I will work with you and any commercial insurance plan you may have to obtain reimbursement and cover therapy costs. I am not on any insurance panel, however I do offer a sliding scale to be individually determined.