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Douglas J.
Van der Heide,

If you are looking for the best psychoanalytic care or simply want further training on how to deepen your own clinical excellence, you have found the right web site. Both as a seasoned and accomplished psychoanalyst and life-long teacher to those in training, I have spent my professional life mastering the quirky inner world in which we all really live. Let me help you master yours for a more gratifying and meaningful life.

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About Us

Douglas J. Van der Heide, M.D. is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst practicing on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. His work is grounded in the seminal discoveries of Sigmund Freud as well as later contributors including Melanie Klein, Bertram Lewin and Donald Winnicott. Dr. Van der Heide has trained generations of psychiatric residents, and psychoanalytic candidates at two of New York’s premier psychoanalytic institutes. He has numerous publications in the field.

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Areas of Expertise

Patient’s Comment To Dr. Van Der Heide

These individuals are uniformly enthusiastic about my work; often their best instincts feel at odds with what they believe is theoretically correct. I help them develop confidence in their judgment while helping them measure the impact of their interventions.

Supervisee’s Comment To Dr. Van Der Heide

Psychoanalysis is a living breathing process. The book learning needs wisdom to make it go and sometimes that wisdom can conflict with what is taught. I help new trainees trust their internal judgment while measuring the impact of new interventions.

Supervisee A.S.


“Dr Vdh works with a sharp mind, an open ear and, most importantly, a kind heart. He helps you unwind complex issues in a way that makes them feel like common sense. Warm, wise and deeply human.


Blogs & Articles

As one individual, I am struck with matters outside the consulting room which strike me as meaningful and important to comment on. I am always interested in your feedback both the things I may seem to get right or wrong. If these notes strike you as interesting, please email me at [email protected]. I want to hear your point of view and will respond to keep the conversation going

May 7, 2024

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment Guidelines for a Brighter Tomorrow

Introduction Some events can leave a scarring effect on our lives. These events can be unpleasant, leave us distressed and confused, and give us lifetime stress—these events of trauma lead…
How Do I Stop Dreaming All NightDreams
May 7, 2024

How Do I Stop Dreaming All Night? Steps to Gain Control Over your Dreamworld

For many people, vivid or frequent dreams are a regular occurrence when sleeping. However, dreams can get excessive for some individuals, resulting in disrupted sleep almost every night. It makes…
May 7, 2024

Everything You Need to Know Why Do We Dream When Asleep

What are Dreams? It is an interesting concept to consider. What are dreams? Why do we dream when asleep? Dreams are ideas or emotions that take over your mind when…
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To begin treatment is not a simple matter but it takes a first step. I encourage you to call me so that we can meet and you can decide first-hand if our work is right for you. We can’t succeed without your participation so I need you to freely decide this is what you want.

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Frequently asked questions

What can I expect when I come for an appointment?

I will invite you into my office and after making you comfortable will invite you to speak to your concerns. My thoughts about a viable treatment plan, hours, fees, and ancillary issues will be addressed.  

What if I feel you are not the doctor for me?

This work cannot proceed or be helpful without your assent and participation. I would do what I could to suggest alternative therapies or therapists who might be more suitable for you and your needs.

Will my information be confidential?

There is no way any psychotherapy or psychoanalysis can proceed without absolute anonymity. This information remains with me only. Insurers can require dates of service and diagnoses.

What if I cannot come to your office?

I admit my strong preference to in-office treatment, but I understand the world has changed so that we live in a seemingly on-line aquarium. I am open to meeting and treating individuals over Facetime, Zoom or Skype. The analytic experience can be partially mimicked by using a couch or camera facing away from mine.

How will I pay for the initial visit?

I take, checks, credit cards (Square) Venmo, cash or Zelle.

Can you help me in my insurance claims?

If you prefer, I will submit insurance claims for you if that would be preferable.

Insurance Questions?

I recognize treatment can be financially burdensome. I will work with you and any commercial insurance plan you may have to obtain reimbursement and cover therapy costs. I am not on any insurance panel, however I do offer a sliding scale to be individually determined.

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