Psychoanalysis has been called many things: elitist, old-fashioned, unscientific, time-consuming, expensive but for those who have tried medications and other forms of shortened psychotherapy and still feel beset with feelings of anxiety and sadness, still feel trapped in what should be a good life, psychoanalytic treatment can provide results that are nothing less than miraculous.



Douglas J. Van der Heide, M.D. is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst practicing on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. His work is grounded in the seminal discoveries of Sigmund Freud as well as later contributors including Klein, Lewin, Winnicott, and Meltzer. Dr. Van der Heide trains psychiatric residents, fellows and psychoanalytic candidates. He has numerous publications in the field


  • Graduated Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1976
  • Psychiatric Residency Cornell Medical Center, New York Hospital Payne Whitney Clinic, 1980
  • Board certified in psychiatry by the American Psychiatric Association, 1981 • Graduate of the New York Psychoanalytic Institute, 1997
  • Obtained Certification in Psychoanalysis from the American Psychoanalytic Association in 2005
  • Appointed Supervising and Training Analyst , Institute for Psychoanalytic Education (renamed PANY) affiliated with NYU Medical Center 2015
  • Awarded Teaching Award from Psychoanalytic Association of New York (PANY), 2019
About Dr Van Der Heide MD
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Deep within each of us exists a hidden, albeit compromised, sense of who we wished to be; family issues, trauma, separation, and loss early in life interfere and confound that vision.

The capacity to embrace ourselves, enabling us to embrace those who love us, is the best way to ensure a life unfettered by anxiety and despair. This seemingly simple accomplishment allows us to live in the sun, to tolerate and even grow from the inevitable joy and pain, union and loss which accompany every life and which ironically give it meaning. 

Many bright and promising people suffer from symptoms of depression, anxiety, compulsions and somatic fears which make such a happy embrace of self and others impossible. From decades of training and treating patients, it is my conviction that Freud’s brilliant discovery of free association is the best path to self-understanding and satisfaction. 

This unique method of listening allows a highly trained clinician to hear the complex and powerful ways a person unknowingly repeats the patterns of the past. Inviting the patient to think, talk and self-reflect foster a unique conversation and relationship which, while uncovering the secret driving forces of the mind, allows for real change and growth to occur.

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I recognize treatment can be financially burdensome. I will work with you and any commercial insurance plan you may have to obtain reimbursement and cover therapy costs. I am not on any insurance panel, however I do offer a sliding scale to be individually determined.


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