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Universality of Stress

Stress is a common and shared experience; it affects everyone in the exciting yet uncertain world we live in today. It stands out as one of the most frequently reported symptoms, prompting us to question its intensity and timing.

Development of Coping Mechanisms

As individuals grow, they naturally develop “shock absorbers” to navigate the pressures of relationships and work environments. Effective stress reducers often translate into a good night’s sleep or an enjoyable dinner, perhaps accompanied by a drink or other means of relaxation.

Addressing Unconscious Worries

Extra unconscious worries contribute to an elevated perception of stress. These concerns, requiring reexamination and repair, often stem from the fear that failure to achieve a certain goal will result in being unloved and facing emotional or actual abandonment.

Lingering Stress Indicators

Persistent stress suggests that the pressures stemming from family life, work, or economic challenges have become overwhelming. Stressed individuals may exhibit increased irritability, insomnia, escalated alcohol consumption, and strained relationships both at work and at home.

Uncovering Underlying Stressors

Upon closer examination, the underlying stressors, such as Basic Trust Erosion (BTE), often lurk below the surface. Individuals may unconsciously adopt the belief that failure to achieve a specific goal equates to unlovability and the risk of emotional or actual abandonment.

Empowering Transformation Through Personalized Psychotherapy

Discover the transformative power of personalized psychotherapy designed to meet your emotional needs. Unlike a one-trick magician, I specialize in adapting effective methods to address various conditions. However, this process relies on your active participation and commitment. Our sessions, held at least twice a week, foster a close connection crucial for your healing journey. There’s no distant advice here—just compassionate, personalized support.

If you’re ready to explore, I introduce a shared vocabulary that spans different conditions: BTE (Basic Trust Erosion), EED (Efforts to Escape Despair), and FAT (Failure at Loving). With over thirty years of experience in dynamic psychotherapy, I guide patients towards their own personal ‘tricks’—RAR (Repair and Renewal), ANP (Allowing New Possibilities), FOT (Forgiving over time). Instead of giving advice, I create a space where you can freely express yourself, fostering acceptance and joy in embracing all feelings, enabling healing from hidden emotional barriers

Reevaluation and Repair

Although an individual’s fears may be genuine, exploration often reveals that they need not feel overwhelming. Stepping back, reflecting, and reevaluating can significantly alleviate this symptom, often resulting in the discovery of Allowing New Possibilities (ANP) and leading to reduced stress and increased life satisfaction.

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To begin treatment is not a simple matter but it takes a first step. I encourage you to call me so that we can meet and you can decide first-hand if our work is right for you. We can’t succeed without your participation so I need you to freely decide this is what you want.

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Insurance Questions?

I recognize treatment can be financially burdensome. I will work with you and any commercial insurance plan you may have to obtain reimbursement and cover therapy costs. I am not on any insurance panel, however I do offer a sliding scale to be individually determined.